• Azealia Banks has publicly expressed her disapproval of Ice Spice’s new album promotion.
  • Banks claims Ice Spice’s efforts do not align with the Y2K aesthetic.
  • In a social media rant, Banks suggested changes Ice Spice should make.
  • Fans on social media largely agreed with Banks’ assessment.

Azealia Banks is not impressed with Ice Spice’s new aesthetic for her album promotion. Posting on Instagram, Banks declared that ‘nothing’ Ice Spice is doing accurately captures the Y2K aesthetic she’s aiming for. This is the latest in a series of social media rants where Banks targets fellow artists.

Banks did not hold back in her critique. ‘Somebody needs to tell @icespice absolutely nothing about this aesthetically, performance wise, production wise is Y2K at all,’ Banks stated. She likened Ice Spice’s style to early Nicki Minaj and suggested a complete overhaul. ‘Big butts and bbl bodies are the ANTITHESIS OF Y2K,’ Banks added, urging Ice Spice to consider new hair colors and facial expressions. She even recommended dropping David LaChapelle from the project.

In response to Banks’ post, fans mostly agreed. Comments on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post echoed Banks’ sentiments. ‘She right,’ one user simply stated, while another pointed out that modern artists often miss the mark on Y2K aesthetics because they were too young to remember the era accurately. Users suggested that Ice Spice take notes from artists like Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown, and Eve for a more authentic Y2K vibe.

Ice Spice is set to release her new album ‘Y2K!’ on July 26. She has already dropped singles like ‘Think U the Sh*t (Fart)’ and ‘Gimmie a Light,’ but Banks’ comments cast a shadow over the promotional efforts.

Azealia Banks’ critique of Ice Spice’s Y2K aesthetic has sparked agreement from fans, highlighting a divide in understanding the era’s true essence.

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