50 Cent turned heads at a Miami roast event, hoping to see Diddy amidst swirling allegations.

50 Cent attended a roast of Diddy at the Dead Flamingo Pop Up in Little Havana, Miami, as reported by the Miami Herald. The rapper took to Instagram, confirming his presence and playfully mentioning he had his ‘shooters’—clarifying they were videographers—with him.

50 wrote, ‘Yes, I was in attendance. I thought Puffy might show up because I saw Tom Brady at his. He didn’t come. I had the shooters—get your mind out of the gutter, videographers—what!’

Fans took to the comments with a sense of humor. One joked about Diddy’s past invitation to take 50 shopping, saying, ‘Never offer to take a man shopping. These are the end results.’ Another said, ‘Fif be errwhere these days, don’t be surprised to see him disguised in a moustache below an afro cut at the event, dropping outta an impala.’

50 Cent has trolled Diddy multiple times recently, particularly concerning the allegations Diddy faces. He’s working on a documentary titled ‘Diddy Do It?’ and recently criticized Diddy’s apology video related to the 2016 assault on Cassie. ‘This is not going to work. Who is advising him right now? SMH bad move,’ 50 wrote.

The roast event sadly did not result in a Diddy appearance, leaving 50 Cent and his ‘shooters’ without their expected encounter.

Although 50 Cent didn’t get to see Diddy at the event, he certainly generated plenty of buzz and kept fans entertained with his antics. Stay tuned as 50 continues to provide more updates and unexpected appearances.

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