The feud between Jacksonville rappers Yungeen Ace and Foolio took a disturbing turn last Sunday when Foolio was tragically shot and killed. In an eerily timed move, Yungeen Ace released a diss track titled ‘Do It,’ which has sparked suspicion and controversy among fans and critics alike.

Yungeen Ace and Foolio have been locked in a bitter and deadly rivalry for years, releasing viral diss tracks about each other’s deceased friends. The tracks ‘Who I Smoke?’ and ‘When I See You’ are prime examples of their antagonistic musical exchanges.

With Foolio’s recent death, fans were quick to question how Yungeen Ace would respond. The answer came in the form of his new song ‘Do It,’ where he seemingly hints at orchestrating a hit. This track has not only stirred emotions among followers but also caught the attention of Bruce Rivers, a criminal lawyer known for his YouTube reactions to diss tracks and legal matters.

Rivers has previously dissected the infamous tracks ‘Who I Smoke?’ and ‘When I See You,’ bringing his legal expertise to the table. Regarding ‘Do It,’ he didn’t mince words. According to Rivers, the song could be a significant misstep for Yungeen Ace, potentially serving as evidence as the investigation into Foolio’s murder gains momentum.

The use of rap lyrics as criminal evidence is a contentious issue in the hip-hop community. Many argue it infringes on First Amendment rights and freedom of expression. However, Rivers pointed out that if lyrics reference specific real-life incidents, law enforcement might argue for their relevance in a criminal case.

The Tampa police are actively investigating Foolio’s murder, with the city’s police chief assuring the public that arrests are forthcoming. Rivers’ analysis adds another layer of complexity to the unfolding situation, raising questions about how this will affect Yungeen Ace’s future, both legally and musically.

The timing of Yungeen Ace’s release of ‘Do It’ has put him under a microscope. As the investigation into Foolio’s death continues, the possibility that his own lyrics could be used against him adds to the tension. Fans and legal experts alike are left wondering what will come next for the rapper.

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