So, Yung Miami has some thoughts on those wild rumors that Drake got a BBL. Spoiler alert: she’s not buying it.

Drake’s ongoing ’20 v. 1′ feud got a little more interesting when Rick Ross threw out an accusation that the Toronto rapper had undergone plastic surgery, giving him the nickname ‘BBL Drizzy.’ As the feud heated up, Metro Boomin even invited artists worldwide to jump in over his beat, ‘BBL Drizzy,’ offering a cash prize for the best track. Drake, never one to shy away from a good beat, joined in with Sexyy Red on her new EP ‘U My Everything,’ turning the phrase to his favor, claiming he doesn’t have a BBL but suggesting that he’s the go-to guy for ladies looking to fund their own procedures.

During a recent Complex interview, Yung Miami didn’t hold back on her opinion about the rumors. She firmly stated there’s no way Drake got a BBL. When asked by interviewer Yedoye Travis if she knew what a BBL is, she replied, ‘That’s a lot of a**. A BBL is a big a**.’ She went on to say, ‘I don’t want no man with no a**. No, it can’t be like an a** a**.’

Yung Miami clearly prefers her men without a lot of junk in the trunk. However, she made a point to say that people should feel free to do whatever they like with their appearances, reminding everyone, ‘we’ve all gotta die one day.’

So, there you have it. According to Yung Miami, Drake definitely didn’t get a BBL. She thinks it would be way too obvious if he had, and she prefers her men without it anyway. The rumors may persist, but Yung Miami’s stance is clear.

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