Yung Miami isn’t shy about being one of the proudest parents in the rap game.

Recently, she took to Instagram to share an adorable photoshoot of her son, who is in fifth grade, celebrating his school dance. The photos showed her son and his date hilariously posing in a car they are far too young to drive.

In the comments, fans had a variety of reactions. Some found it totally adorable that Miami is so proud of her son. Others had different opinions. “Lil Momma gotta a full face and a wig on? 😮 In the 5th grade I could barely wear vaseline on my lips,” one comment read. Another joked, “The only prom I got in 5th grade was PROMotion to the 6th grade 😩😭😭😭😭.”

This year has been a challenging one for Yung Miami. She has been dealing with the fallout from her association with Diddy, including unfollowing him on Instagram after a video that reportedly showed him assaulting Cassie leaked. Almost every time Diddy found himself in trouble, Miami ended up trending on social media. Some fans pointed out that many seemed more upset with Miami than with Diddy himself.

Despite the drama, Yung Miami continues to be an incredibly proud parent, and her recent post celebrating her son’s 5th grade prom is just another example of how she shares the milestones in her kids’ lives with her fans.

Yung Miami’s celebration of her son’s 5th grade prom highlights her unwavering pride as a parent, even amid personal challenges.

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