• Will Smith showcased his surprising piano skills.
  • Fans praised his musical abilities.
  • Smith’s piano performance is part of his new single promotion.
  • He will perform live at the 2024 BET Awards.
  • His new song reflects perseverance and hope.

Will Smith amazed everyone by revealing his unexpected talent for playing the piano. On June 27, the multi-talented star shared a video on Instagram where he played some beautiful chords on a grand piano in his home. The 55-year-old actor and rapper finished his moving performance with a flourish, leaving fans in awe.

The Instagram clip received a lot of praise from fans who were impressed by Smith’s piano skills. Many were unaware that he could play the piano so well. One fan commented, “Did not know he played piano. Not surprised. But never ceases to amaze.” Another joked, “Why you gotta be able to do everything bro? save some for us bruh [crying face emoji].” Some fans remembered that Smith had shown off his piano skills before, playing Beethoven’s “Für Elise” in an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Smith used the Instagram post to promote his new single, “You Can Make It.” The song is a collaboration with singer Vory and the Sunday Service Choir, famous for working with Kanye West. In his caption, Smith said, “Through some of my darkest moments, music has always been there for me – to lift me and help me grow. It’s my humble wish that it can do the same for you and bring you all the joy and light you deserve.” He also mentioned that he was excited to perform it live at the BET Awards.

“You Can Make It” is a gospel-inspired song about overcoming tough times. The track includes the same piano chords that Smith played in the video. It also features uplifting vocals from Vory and the Sunday Service Choir, along with motivational lyrics from Smith. Channeling the spirit of a pastor, Smith raps, “The darker the Hell you gotta endure, the brighter the Heaven you get to enjoy/ The harder the fall, the higher you soar/ God opens a window when the Devil closes a door.”

Additionally, some lyrics seem to address the backlash Smith faced after the 2022 Oscars incident. He raps, “Believe me, they tried to bleed Will Smith/ In the rearview I see adversity was the gift/ To lift me higher, gifts requires faith/ So dry your eyes, and then you’ll find the way.” Fans can look forward to his performance of this song at the 2024 BET Awards on June 30.

This new single comes shortly after “Light Em Up,” Smith’s recent collaboration with Sean Paul, which is part of the soundtrack for his latest movie, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.”

Will Smith continues to amaze by showing his versatility and resilience.

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