Vince Staples has captured global attention with his latest album, Dark Times. The project, notable for its deep and intense content, has garnered praise from both critics and fans alike. Adding to this acclaim, Flea, the legendary bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, took to social media to share his admiration for the album.

On May 26, Flea turned to X (formerly Twitter) to voice his thoughts. ‘New Vince Staples so deep and good,’ he wrote. Known for his brevity but impactful opinions, Flea has been a longstanding hip-hop enthusiast, tracing his love back to the 1990s. In a 2012 interview with AllHipHop, he mentioned how Erykah Badu introduced him to the influential producer J Dilla during a jam session. ‘I was doing this thing,’ Flea recalled. ‘I was playing with Erykah Badu a while ago, you know, and she really…got me into J Dilla… It was like brought me to tears because of how beautiful it is.’

Flea’s appreciation of hip-hop extends to several artists and groups. He has often expressed fondness for the collective Odd Future, stating, ‘The Odd Future kids… I can [relate] just, in terms, like, it’s like wild, you know.’ His connection with Odd Future remains strong—he even invited Earl Sweatshirt to his podcast, This Little Light, in 2023. Flea has likened Odd Future’s creative energy to that of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan, another of his favorites. ‘You know, Wu-tang has been, like, a big thing for me a lot through the years,’ he revealed. ‘You know, all the solo records, and I love Ghostface and the Apollo Kids [album] he came out with.’

Flea’s admiration for Vince Staples embodies his deep-rooted respect for talent. Staples, once affiliated with Odd Future, made a significant impact with his verse on Earl Sweatshirt’s debut album, Doris. This connection and Flea’s own musical tastes make his endorsement of Dark Times unsurprising. Known for his keen ear, Flea recognizes and celebrates artistic excellence when he sees it.

It’s clear that Vince Staples’ Dark Times has resonated not just with fans and critics, but also with influential figures in the music industry like Flea. The mutual respect between these artists underscores the album’s impact and Vince Staples’ continued evolution as a prominent voice in hip-hop.

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