Just when you thought the music world couldn’t get any more dramatic, the beef between Travis Scott and Tyga hits the spotlight again. Picture this: a glamorous afterparty in Cannes turns into a battleground for two of hip-hop’s biggest names.

It was a regular, star-studded evening in Cannes on May 23rd, with celebrities mingling and music filling the air. But things took a turn for the worse when a scuffle broke out between the camps of Travis Scott and Tyga. The whole thing started with Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, a close friend of Tyga, who reportedly kicked off the fight with Travis Scott’s crew. This led to Travis shoving AE on stage, escalating the situation further.

Both Tyga and Travis Scott have a history, mainly because they’ve both dated reality TV star Kylie Jenner. Fans were quick to speculate that this shared romantic past might be the root cause of the tension. Things got even more interesting on social media the next day. Luxury Tax 50, a longtime friend of Travis Scott, couldn’t resist adding fuel to the fire. He took to Instagram and posted: ‘Tyga run faster then a Jack Rabbit.’ This cryptic message had everyone buzzing.

Contrary to some reports, Tyga didn’t just flee the scene after the brawl. While Travis Scott and his producer friend Southside left the party, Tyga and AE stayed until it ended. Tyga seemed unfazed, even going so far as to post a video on social media of himself on a speedboat, silently staring into the camera. It’s like he was saying, ‘I’m good, nothing bothers me.’

So, what caused all this chaos? Well, sources hint that it might have started when Travis Scott got annoyed at being introduced next to Tyga at the event. Apparently, he wasn’t too happy about being mentioned in the same breath as him. Travis even grabbed the microphone from the host, Richie Akiva, which apparently set AE off. While the true reason behind the fight is still unclear, fans and gossip sites are having a field day piecing together the puzzle.

In the end, whether it was old relationship drama or a bruised ego, the Cannes afterparty will be remembered for more than just its glitz and glamour. With social media posts and public jabs, it’s evident that the rivalry between Travis Scott and Tyga is far from over. Stay tuned, because things are bound to heat up even more.

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