• The Weeknd attends Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Pop Out’ show and has a blast.
  • Toronto rapper Top5 takes to Instagram to express his displeasure.
  • Top5 appears to issue a threat and makes drug use accusations.
  • The Instagram comments section mocks Top5’s reaction.
  • The reason behind Top5’s anger remains unclear.

Kendrick Lamar’s much-anticipated ‘Pop Out’ event took place in LA, drawing a crowd of notable personalities. Among them was The Weeknd, who was seen enjoying the show from the audience.

However, Toronto rapper Top5 didn’t take kindly to The Weeknd’s presence. In an Instagram post, Top5 appeared to issue a threat, writing, ‘@theweeknd you started doing coke now [you’re] from Compton? Wait till my GGs see you.’ He accused The Weeknd of drug use and implied he wasn’t sticking to his Toronto roots.

The reasons for Top5’s anger towards The Weeknd are not entirely clear. Some speculate that Top5 feels The Weeknd should better represent their hometown of Toronto.

Social media users wasted no time mocking Top5’s comments. One joked, ‘Bro threatening a dude who make love songs,’ while another remarked, ‘Beefing with the weekend is cr*zy.’

Despite the backlash in the comment section, the incident has certainly sparked conversations.

Top5’s reaction to The Weeknd at Kendrick Lamar’s show has left everyone puzzled and talking.

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