TI and Young Thug have always shared a close bond. While they never collaborated under the same label, TI was one of the first to give Thug a co-sign, and Thug’s gratitude hasn’t gone unnoticed. As Thug faces his ongoing YSL trial, TI is confident that his friend will soon be a free man.

Recently, TI appeared on The Breakfast Club and discussed the YSL trial with Charlamagne tha God. He mentioned that he has been in regular contact with Young Thug and both of them feel positive about the outcome. “He comin’ home,” asserted TI. “I don’t think that the prosecution has successfully proven a case of him knowingly and willingly participating in an active street gang. I just don’t see it.”

TI pointed out that the witnesses called to testify against Young Thug have not been as convincing as the prosecution anticipated. “I don’t think that the witnesses they’ve called thus far have proven what they said they would prove,” TI noted. “I just don’t think that the grounds of their case have been presented properly. Just ain’t seen it.”

Co-host DJ Envy expressed concern over the impact the trial has had on Young Thug’s music career and whether he could regain his momentum post-trial. TI assured him that he would personally help Thug get back on top. “Don’t worry,” TI said. “When he come home, we’ll get it right. Just get him here… He’ll be just fine.”

TI is no stranger to bouncing back from legal troubles. He spent most of 2007 and 2008 dealing with two weapons-related felonies, eventually pleading guilty and serving a seven-month prison sentence. Despite this, he made a strong comeback with his 2010 album ‘No Mercy,’ and was back on top of the charts in 2013 with the hit single ‘Blurred Lines’ alongside Pharrell and Robin Thicke.

Given his own experiences, TI believes he is the perfect mentor to help Young Thug rebuild his career once the trial concludes. With TI’s support, Young Thug might be able to regain his footing and continue his successful music journey.

With TI’s unwavering support and belief in the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, there’s a strong sense of optimism surrounding Young Thug’s potential acquittal and future career revival.

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