• Kendrick Lamar hosted his star-studded ‘Pop Out’ show with several celebrity appearances.
  • Notably absent was The Game, sparking fan speculation.
  • The Game has remained silent about his absence but commented on nipple piercings.
  • Fans are flooding social media with questions on his no-show.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Pop Out’ show was a spectacle, featuring stars like Dr. Dre, Jay Rock, AB-Soul, Tyler, The Creator, and YG. Yet, one prominent name missing from the lineup was The Game, especially surprising given his LA roots.

Fans quickly took to social media to question The Game’s absence. Some speculated whether he was invited at all, while others wondered if his previous support for Drake in a feud against Kendrick played a role. Their curiosity was heightened by The Game’s quiet online presence regarding his no-show.

Amidst all this, The Game chose to break his silence—on nipple piercings. He shared on his Instagram Story, ‘Pierced nipples taste like house keys,’ completely ignoring the swirling questions about the ‘Pop Out’ event.

Fans didn’t miss a beat, quickly filling comment sections with more questions and theories. One fan wrote, ‘Let’s talk about why he wasn’t on stage last night,’ while another speculated, ‘Sh*t like this is why you couldn’t pop out.’ Some even suggested he was trying to ‘laugh his way through the pain.’

The Game’s absence at Kendrick Lamar’s event remains a mystery, but his take on nipple piercings is certainly noted.

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