• The Alchemist, acclaimed producer, expresses his desire to work with Jay-Z.
  • Despite a decorated career, he still dreams of a collaboration with the Brooklyn rapper.
  • Both have known each other for two decades but have yet to officially work together.
  • He hopes for a mutual desire in the collaboration.

The Alchemist, one of hip-hop’s most revered producers, has worked with big names like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Larry June. However, during a recent NFR Podcast interview, he expressed his longstanding wish to work with Jay-Z.

In the interview, The Alchemist and fellow producer Cardo chatted about their career aspirations. The Alchemist made it clear that collaborating with Jay-Z remains a top priority. “Jay always been on my list,” he said. “I been saying it for a hundred years. It’s Jay-Z. I would love to. We linked but I keep the faith.”

The Alchemist emphasized that there’s no bad blood between him and Jay-Z. He just hopes that when the collaboration happens, it will be because both artists genuinely want to work together. “At this point, I hope it would be a mutual thing,” The Alchemist stated. “Like I would want to work with somebody that would wanna work with me. There’s a couple that’s brewing that’s like bucket list sh*t for me that I hope happens. I still have hopes like that.”

The closest opportunity they had was on Jay Electronica’s 2020 album, ‘A Written Testimony’, where The Alchemist produced ‘The Neverending Story,’ featuring a verse by Jay-Z.

Their history goes back to the early 2000s when they first met in New York. Jay-Z even encouraged The Alchemist to maximize his beats, once asking, “Yo when you gonna stop wasting them beats?” Jay-Z was also the one who facilitated a studio session between The Alchemist and Beanie Sigel, leading to the creation of the iconic beat “We Gonna Make It,” which Jay-Z passed on before it went to Jadakiss.

The Alchemist remains hopeful that his dream collaboration with Jay-Z will become a reality.

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