It’s been a tough road for the mother of late Chicago rapper FBG Duck, but she’s finally seeing some justice as the sentencing dates for the six O-Block members convicted of his murder have been revealed.

Back in January, a jury of five men and seven women found six members of the O-Block gang guilty of murdering FBG Duck. These individuals—Charles Liggins, 32; Kenneth Roberson, 30; Christopher Thomas, 24; Marcus Smart, 25; TaCarlos Offerd, 32; and Ralph Turpin, 34—were all facing life sentences.

Now, according to FBG Duck’s mother, LaSheena Weekly, the specific sentencing dates for each convicted member are set. Ralph Turpin will face the judge first on January 14, 2025. Charles Liggins will follow on January 15, and TaCarlos Offerd on January 16. Christopher Thomas is scheduled for January 21, while Kenneth Roberson’s sentencing will take place on January 23. Lastly, Marcus Smart is set to hear his fate on January 28.

Throughout this difficult process, LaSheena Weekly has been vocal on social media, sharing updates and information about the court proceedings. Despite facing some horrendous comments from trolls, she continues to provide details to the public. It’s clear that this journey has been incredibly challenging for her, yet she remains resilient.

As these dates approach, the hope is that justice will not only be served for FBG Duck but also bring some semblance of closure to his family, especially his mother.

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