Sean Kingston is currently held in the Broward County jail on a $100,000 bond due to a series of fraud and theft charges.

The well-known ‘Beautiful Girls’ singer was recently detained in Florida after being apprehended during a performance in California last month. His mother, Janice Turner, was also taken into custody on various fraud and theft charges the same day at their rented mansion in Florida.

Kingston is up against grand theft charges for allegedly stealing jewelry, a Cadillac Escalade, and a custom bed valued at over $80,000. Additionally, he’s accused of bank fraud amounting to more than $45,000, violating his probation for trafficking stolen property, and issuing bad checks, resulting in a total of 10 charges.

Amidst the turmoil, Kingston turned to social media to defend himself and his mother. ‘People love negative energy!’ he posted on Instagram. ‘I am good and so is my mother! My lawyers are handling everything as we speak.’

The charges stem from a lawsuit by Ver Ver Entertainment LLC which claims Kingston breached a contract and committed fraud. The company alleges that Kingston owed more than $100,000 for a TV and sound system, promising to promote these products through videos with Justin Bieber. Although he made an initial $30,000 payment, he allegedly failed to make the subsequent $47,000 payment and didn’t fulfill his promotional commitments.

This isn’t Kingston’s first encounter with accusations of non-payment. In November, Dream Watch sought over $1 million for two watches Kingston allegedly never paid for. According to them, one of their representatives flew from Malaysia to Los Angeles to deliver the watches, but Kingston reportedly never completed the transaction despite his promises to do so via wire transfer.

The accusations against Sean Kingston involve significant financial disputes and breaches of trust. With multiple charges and legal battles ahead, the outcome remains uncertain as he and his legal team navigate these serious allegations.

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