Russ was performing in Toronto when he experienced a moment that left him absolutely speechless. While singing ‘Workin On Me,’ he noticed something truly special in the crowd.

During the performance, Russ spotted a group of fans holding up papers. These papers, seen throughout the left, middle, and right sides of the crowd, had a message typed out: ‘we will stay by your side.’ This simple yet powerful gesture touched him deeply.

He later shared this emotional experience on his X account, expressing how much it meant to him. Russ explained that he’s spent considerable time and effort building a loyal fanbase, and often worries if making any mistakes would cause his fans to leave. Seeing this collective show of support was incredibly moving for him. He said, ‘to see such a collective effort to just give me love and reassurance was like the nicest shit I can remember anyone doing for me tbh. It really left me speechless.’

Overwhelmed with emotions, Russ had to take a knee to collect himself and avoid tearing up. He emphasized his gratitude, stating that this moment would be something he’d never forget. ‘I appreciate you guys more than an Instagram caption could convey. Thank you Toronto,’ he added on social media, along with a heartfelt thank you to the city and its fans.

Russ’s success extends beyond music. Just weeks before his emotional Toronto show, he celebrated becoming a New York Times best-selling author with his latest book, ‘It Was You All Along.’ Expressing his joy on social media, he shared a screenshot showing his book debuting at No. 7 on the prestigious list. He thanked his team at Harper Collins and his fans, who he called ‘the best’ in his post.

In addition to his literary success, Russ continues to thrive as an independent artist. Late last year, he revealed his six-figure weekly earnings from owning his music catalog. He highlighted that success in the music industry isn’t just about being on the radio or having the biggest album, but about creating and owning a lot of good music.

From heartfelt fan messages to becoming a best-selling author, Russ has had a memorable month filled with touching moments and professional milestones. It seems his fans’ love and support truly mean the world to him.

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