Roddy Ricch lays it all out in his new single ‘Survivors Remorse’, diving deep into personal struggles and victories.

In ‘Survivors Remorse’, Roddy Ricch doesn’t hold back. He kicks off the song by addressing his custody battle with his ex-girlfriend over their three-year-old son. The dispute, which was recently settled, ended with a joint custody arrangement. ‘I been goin’ through child support/ A good daddy, I vouch for it/ She just want a new mile for/ Fuck a ride, fell out with some of my homies, havin’ too much pride,’ he raps.

Roddy also gets candid about his battle with lean addiction: ‘Pride myself off the progress of being off codeine/ I promise, it’s so hard to shake.’ The song is a window into his life, showing a more vulnerable side of the rapper.

The legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, Alexandra Kiser, came to a head earlier this month. The rapper now has physical custody of their son from Tuesday through Thursday each week. On top of that, he’s agreed to pay Kiser $8,000 a month in child support, covering private school tuition, medical bills, special-needs therapy, and extracurricular activities. He’ll also be paying $37,500 for her legal fees and another $1,000 monthly for her car.

Kiser had sought sole custody, citing Roddy’s alleged gang ties and drug use. In her filing, she referred to him by his real name, Rodrick Moore, and mentioned his past arrests and usage of promethazine as concerns for their son’s well-being.

Despite the accusations, the court’s decision led to a joint custody arrangement. Kiser initially asked for $20,000 a month in child support, emphasizing Roddy’s success and financial capacity.

DJ Hed recently gave fans a glimpse into what to expect from Roddy’s upcoming album during an episode of HipHopDX’s The Bigger Picture. He mentioned that the album is a ‘cohesive effort’ with significant input from some of Kendrick Lamar’s collaborators. ‘There’s more intention on [this] record. It’s a cohesive effort,’ DJ Hed noted, adding, ‘And then sidebar: he’s grown as a man. He’s living real life.’

Roddy Ricch’s ‘Survivors Remorse’ provides a raw and intimate look into his personal battles and growth. The single sets the stage for what promises to be a deeply personal and intentional album.

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