Roddy Ricch is set to pay his ex-girlfriend, Alexandra Kiser, $8,000 per month in child support for their 3-year-old son. This agreement also includes covering private school tuition, medical bills, special-needs therapy, and extracurricular activities costs.

Alongside the monthly payments, Roddy Ricch will also take care of Kiser’s $37,500 legal bills and make $1,000 monthly car payments. The decision follows a court deal granting them joint custody of their child, allowing Ricch to spend time with him from Tuesdays through Thursdays.

In an earlier court appearance, Kiser had sought sole custody, claiming Ricch is affiliated with gangs and has been an absent father. She cited concerns over his past arrests on gun charges, accusations of domestic violence, and alleged drug use. Kiser stated, ‘He has been arrested on a gun charge, domestic violence and regularly indulges in promethazine use, all of which are concerns for myself and our son.’

Kiser also highlighted Ricch’s substantial income, claiming he has a net worth of about $25 million and earns $500,000 per appearance. She argued that despite his wealth, she had been the primary caregiver, looking after their son 98% of the time. She recounted an incident where Ricch missed important holidays with their son to go on pleasure trips with friends to Dubai and the Maldives. ‘Since his birth, I alone, spend 98% of the time with him while Rodrick lives his life without any regard to his parental obligation or responsibility to spend time with Kadence. Rodrick misses important holidays with him including this past holiday season. Instead, he took friends to Dubai and the Maldives on a pleasure trip. I was hurt to find out on Christmas Eve when he came back from his trip that he hadn’t gotten or planned anything for our son for Christmas,’ Kiser stated.

The agreement also includes a clause preventing both parents from making disparaging remarks about each other in the presence or within hearing of their child.

With the new arrangement in place, Roddy Ricch will now share parental responsibilities, ensuring both parents contribute to their child’s well-being.

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