• Madame Tussauds reveals a new wax figure of Rihanna.
  • Fans criticize the outfit and likeness of the new figure.
  • Social media erupts with mixed opinions.
  • Previous wax figures of Rihanna received much praise.

So, Madame Tussauds decided to unveil another wax figure of Rihanna, but fans are not impressed this time. The figure, dressed in a lilac sweatsuit with matching heels and sporting long dark hair, didn’t sit well with RiRi’s followers.

The Neighborhood Talk posted a picture of the new wax figure, and the comments started pouring in. One Instagram user humorously noted, “A 20 buck H&M tracksuit on a billionaire is diabolical,” while another simply stated, “Leave me alone.”

Some fans felt that the wax figure bore a closer resemblance to another celebrity, GloRilla, rather than Rihanna. Comments like “Get em GLO!” and “That is literally GloRilla but ok” were not uncommon.

Clearly, Madame Tussauds aimed to honor Rihanna, but fans believe they’ve missed the mark this time. Comparisons were inevitably made to previous wax figures, such as the one displayed in Hong Kong last year. That figure, dressed in a bright orange outfit from a 2020 FENTY pop-up, received rave reviews for its accuracy. Some fans even mistook it for the real Rihanna because of how lifelike it was.

In contrast, this latest attempt seems to have fallen flat, with supporters expressing their disappointment openly on social media.

It appears Madame Tussauds’ latest Rihanna tribute didn’t quite hit the high notes expected by fans.

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