Rihanna has once again shown she’s a force to be reckoned with in the business world. On June 4, the 36-year-old superstar announced the launch of Fenty Hair, a new line of haircare products set to hit online and in-store shelves on June 13.

In a playful and engaging trailer shared on social media, Rihanna revealed her excitement, stating, ‘A new family is moving in! @fentyhair is pullin up and it’s time to finally have the hair experience you’ve been waiting for.’ She emphasized the versatility and strength of the new line, noting, ‘You know how much switching my hair up matters to me. I’ve had almost every texture, color, length, from weaves to braids to natural—so I am launching a flexible line of products for not only every hair want, but every single product is designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair, which is what we truly need! It’s time to play and get stronger by the style.’

This move comes on the heels of a similar launch by Beyoncé earlier this year, who introduced a new line of cosmetic products. However, the launch stirred controversy when fashion consultant Fiona Glen pointed out on LinkedIn the striking resemblance between Beyoncé’s brand and the packaging of TWYG, a New Zealand-based skincare company.

Glen posted a comparison image, criticizing the over-packaging and aesthetic similarities. Amanda Gaskin, the designer behind TWYG’s packaging, also expressed her disappointment, saying, ‘It’s hard to believe that Beyoncé’s brand and packaging team hadn’t stumbled across our work, especially considering the recognition TWYG received last year.’ She shared that her team spent 18 months perfecting the packaging, which has won multiple awards.

Despite the chatter around Beyoncé’s brand, Rihanna’s announcement has been met with widespread excitement. Her loyal fanbase, as well as haircare enthusiasts, are eager to see what Fenty Hair has to offer. The promise of products that not only cater to diverse hair needs but also aim to strengthen and repair hair types resonates with many.

Rihanna continues to diversify her Fenty empire, this time focusing on the world of haircare. With a history of innovation and a personal touch, Fenty Hair is set to make waves when it launches on June 13. Stay tuned to see just how this new line lives up to the hype.

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