Rick Ross and 50 Cent are at it again, with the two heavyweights trading barbs on social media. This time, 50 Cent brought up some old, controversial lyrics from Ross, and Ross didn’t hold back in his response.

It all started when 50 Cent posted artwork featuring Diddy, R. Kelly, and Jeffrey Epstein, with Rick Ross’s song “U.O.E.N.O.” playing in the background. On that track, Ross rapped about spiking a woman’s champagne with molly and having nonconsensual intercourse, which understandably stirred up some serious backlash at the time. Clearly, 50 saw an opportunity to reignite some old flames. In the post, he captioned, ‘You know some times I think people are just stupid, why would you say this in a song?’, bringing attention to the disturbing lyrics.

Rick Ross, not one to shy away from a fight, quickly jumped into the fray but chose to respond in the comment section rather than hitting back with a diss track. He aimed his retort squarely at 50 Cent’s alleged personal life controversies, specifically mentioning Daphne Joy’s recent accusations against 50 Cent. ‘This was a lyric, Daphne joy accused/says you sodomized and r***d her as you held her down in front of your son 🤦 Curtis 😲 @50cent,’ wrote Ross.

For those who might not be aware, Daphne Joy has recently claimed that 50 Cent assaulted her, allegations which he has vehemently denied. It’s clear that both sides are dealing with heavy accusations that tarnish their reputations. Unlike 50 Cent, who seems to be taking this drama a bit more lightly, Diddy, who was also implicated in 50’s post, has stayed mostly silent except when responding is absolutely necessary. Diddy himself has been dealing with his own controversies, including surveillance footage showing him physically assaulting Cassie in a hotel hallway.

50 Cent, never one to miss a chance to stir the pot, reacted to the footage involving Diddy, extending his animosity toward Rick Ross as well. The back-and-forth between these hip-hop giants seems to focus more on personal vendettas and serious allegations rather than sticking to music-related disses. It’s a messy situation all around, with each side throwing out accusations that could have lasting impacts on their careers and public images.

While the feud between Rick Ross and 50 Cent isn’t new, the recent developments take it into unsettling territory. With both artists wielding serious accusations, this beef is far from the playful jabs and diss tracks of the past. Fans and onlookers can only hope that the two will eventually find less damaging ways to express their rivalry.

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