Rick Ross is back in the spotlight, and this time it’s not for his music. In a bizarre twist, he’s announced on Instagram that he’s applied for a zoo license. Yes, you heard that right.

Ross, known for his eccentric lifestyle, often shares his daily antics with fans. This week, he dropped a bombshell while addressing his followers in a series of Instagram stories: he’s seeking a zoo license to buy some exotic animals, specifically giraffes and elephants.

Before fans could even react, Ross explained his reasons—or at least he tried to. Naturally, the online community had plenty to say. One fan humorously commented, ‘Drake done made this man a zookeeper. 😂😆,’ referring to Ross’ past beef with Drake that ended abruptly. Others offered more practical theories, suggesting that the move might be a savvy tax strategy. ‘If you don’t understand this is a tax break. Every animal etc is more deducible. A “zoo” gets a lot of write-offs,’ one fan speculated.

This isn’t the first time Ross has been at the center of attention for unusual reasons. Just earlier this week, he faced backlash over his car show, which was criticized for being disorganized and overcrowded. Despite the complaints, Ross seemed unfazed and casually brushed off the criticism.

Back to the exotic animals, it’s clear that Ross’ latest venture has captured the public’s imagination. Whether it’s a shrewd financial move or just another one of his quirky ideas, it’s undeniable that Rick Ross knows how to keep people talking.

So, what do you make of Rick Ross’ plans to get a zoo license for giraffes and elephants? Whether it’s a clever tax maneuver or simply another chapter in his outlandish life, one thing’s for sure: Ross remains one of the rap game’s most intriguing figures.

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