Rick Ross doesn’t seem too shaken after a recent clash with Drake’s OVO crew at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver. This scuffle started when Ross decided to play Kendrick Lamar’s diss track, ‘Not Like Us.’

While performing at the festival, Ross, also known as Rozay, played the track that includes harsh accusations against Drake. This decision did not sit well with the OVO crew. As Ross left the stage, a group of men confronted him, clearly upset about the song choice.

Things quickly escalated. Words were exchanged, and one man from the group sucker-punched Ross. This punch led to a brawl lasting several minutes. The OVO team seemed to come out on top, with several members of Ross’ entourage getting beaten and knocked down. One of Ross’s crew members was even left unconscious on the grass and had to be carried away. Ross himself managed to avoid much of the fight after that initial punch.

Videos of the incident soon surfaced online. Ross commented on an Instagram post about the brawl, joking, ‘I thought they were bottle service boys. Ha!’ He later shared a photo on his Instagram Story in front of his private jet with the words, ‘Vancouver it was fun, till next time.’

50 Cent, known for his ongoing feud with Ross, didn’t miss the chance to poke fun. He reposted the footage with the caption, ‘LMAO 😂 THE GREAT ESCAPE! MEEKA CALL THE CHASERS, THEY ARE CHASING ME 😁 LOL.’ He also shared a clip of Ross’s ex-girlfriend, Tia Kemp, mocking Ross for avoiding the fight. Kemp’s caption read, ‘my guess is ya, won’t be going back to Canada acting like it ain’t what it is. LOL @tia_kemp2.’

In another video, 50 Cent sarcastically expressed his concern for Ross and his entourage, hoping they made it home safely. He also commented on a member of Ross’s team getting knocked out, suggesting Ross might need ‘the Dream Chasers’ or ‘the 305 Killers.’

It seems Rick Ross walked away from the altercation relatively unscathed, both physically and emotionally. Meanwhile, 50 Cent continues to take jabs at him, adding another chapter to their long-standing rivalry.

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