Over the weekend, chaos erupted at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver when Rick Ross was punched in the face. The incident reportedly stemmed from Ross’s decision to play Kendrick Lamar’s infamous Drake diss track, “Not Like Us.”

Rick Ross found himself at the center of a whirlwind of fists and fury this past weekend. During his performance at Vancouver’s Ignite Music Festival, the rapper decided to stir the pot by having his DJ spin Kendrick Lamar’s scathing Drake diss, “Not Like Us.” Pretty quickly, things took a turn for the worse.

Alleged Drake supporters confronted Ross, and what started as a confrontation quickly escalated into an all-out brawl. Ross ended up getting punched in the face, and the scene descended into chaos as more people jumped into the fray. Footage of the altercation soon made its way to social media, fueling the flames of the already heated situation.

While the identities and affiliations of the men who attacked Ross remain unconfirmed, one thing is clear: the brawl certainly caught Drake’s attention. The rapper reportedly liked a video of the incident on Instagram, a move that many interpreted as a subtle nod of approval. This comes after a history of lyrical jabs and diss tracks exchanged between Drake and Ross, adding another layer of tension to their ongoing feud.

Despite the chaos, Ross seems to have walked away relatively unscathed and in good spirits. He addressed the brawl with a sense of humor, posting on The Shade Room, “I thought they were bottle service boys ha!” He followed up with another cheeky post on his Instagram Story, laughing and writing, “Vancouver was fun, till next time.”

Drake, on the other hand, has remained silent, neither confirming nor denying any involvement or stance on the altercation. His Instagram like, however, speaks volumes to those closely following the drama. The battle between the two rappers continues to unfold, with fans eagerly watching for the next move.

The Vancouver brawl has definitely added more heat to the Rick Ross and Drake saga. With social media buzzing and both rappers leaving breadcrumbs for their fans, the story is far from over. Stay tuned to see how this fiery feud develops next.

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