Ray J didn’t hold back when talking about Diddy’s brutal attack on Cassie. Speaking to Shannon Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay podcast, the R&B singer expressed his outrage over the leaked footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie back in 2016.

Ray J made it clear to the NFL legend that such behavior is absolutely unforgivable. He stated, “Everybody messes up, but we can’t be cool after that. It’s unforgivable, it’s too much.” He emphasized that this kind of violence has no place in their world, adding, “It’s fucking unacceptable. I’ve never ever seen nothing like that in my life.”

The “One Wish” singer didn’t mince words about the punishment he believes Diddy deserves. Ray J passionately argued for a public whipping as a fitting consequence for Diddy’s actions. “Bare knuckles, you know what I’m saying? The homie need a public whipping. It’s the only way it’s gonna be right […] 100 lashes […] 1,000 lashes,” he declared. “That would help.”

In a show of support for Cassie, Ray J apologized for not knowing about the abuse sooner. “You are strong. I’m sorry for everything that you encountered. I’ve been around you, I’ve been around y’all. I never knew and I apologize for even continuing to just be around,” he said.

Dame Dash also weighed in on the situation, expressing his dismay over the footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie. “I know Puff, so it’s very disappointing to see that from someone I consider my peer, someone that I’ve always…showed a certain degree of respect for,” he said on his America Nu Network. He pointed out that the incident is especially troubling given that Diddy himself has daughters. “If that were something I were to see happening to my daughter — Puff, he’s dead,” Dash said. He added that anyone who knew about the abuse and continued to support Diddy for financial reasons is also culpable, saying, “You deserve also what he gets or the buckshot of his karma.”

Both Ray J and Dame Dash’s comments reflect a broader condemnation and call for accountability regarding Diddy’s actions. The public nature of their statements underscores the seriousness with which they view the assault and their unwavering support for Cassie.

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