Earlier this week, Ray J sat down for an extended interview on The Jason Lee Show, and one of his comments has since sparked a lot of chatter.

In the nearly three-hour interview, Ray J revealed that during the filming of the BET+ celebrity edition of ‘College Hill,’ Amber Rose repeatedly asked him to sleep with her because she believed she was seeing ghosts in the house. ‘I could tell you Amber was seeing ghosts in the house,’ Ray J shared. ‘She’s like, ‘Ray J, I need you to come up and sleep with me every night ’cause I see ghosts.”

Ray J admitted he never got around to actually watching the show, but he is confident that their nightly arrangements weren’t fully captured on camera. ‘I don’t know how much they showed, but we slept together most of the show,’ he concluded.

The interview has garnered significant attention, amassing over 160k views on YouTube within the first day of its release. However, fans have expressed skepticism over Ray J’s claims, particularly about the reasons Amber gave for needing his company at night.

Ray J also touched on other aspects of his life and career during the interview, including the impact of his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian. He claimed that the current landscape of NSFW online content, headlined by platforms like OnlyFans, might not exist in the same way without his original tape leading the way. This assertion was also met with doubt and debate among fans.

The conversation around the interview highlights the continued public interest in both Ray J and Amber Rose, as well as in the broader cultural discussions about celebrity relationships and reality TV.

Whether you believe Ray J’s claims or not, the interview certainly stirred up a lot of discussion, shedding light on some surprising aspects of his time on ‘College Hill’ and beyond.

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