Pusha T is feeling a bit nostalgic as he marks the sixth anniversary of his iconic album ‘DAYTONA.’

Released in 2018, ‘DAYTONA’ stands out as the third solo album by Pusha T, and notably, it was the first of five projects executive produced by Kanye West. That summer, Kanye was on a roll, dropping albums like ‘ye,’ ‘NASIR,’ ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS,’ and ‘K.T.S.E.’ among others. Yet, many argue that ‘DAYTONA’ was perhaps the strongest of them all.

‘DAYTONA’ opens with one of the most unforgettable intros in hip-hop: ‘If You Know You Know.’ It’s a testament to Pusha T’s mastery in coke rap, delving deep into the perilous life of a drug dealer. Then there’s ‘The Games We Play,’ featuring some of the grittiest boom-bap beats and samples, highlighting Kanye’s exceptional production. While Pusha T’s rapping is impeccable throughout, it’s Kanye’s production that elevates each track.

The album’s midsection remains stellar, but it’s ‘Infrared’ that stands out. Pusha T’s cutting lyrics include, ‘The game’s f***ed up / N****s’ beats is bangin’, n****, ya hooks did it / The lyric pennin’ equal the Trumps winnin’ / The bigger question is how the Russians did it / It was written like Nas, but it came from Quentin.’ These lines reignited the feud between him and Drake, leading to Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’ and Pusha T’s explosive ‘The Story of Adidon,’ which revealed Drake’s son, Adonis. Truly, ‘DAYTONA’ is the gift that keeps on giving.

Reflecting on ‘DAYTONA’ six years later, it’s clear why it remains in rotation for many fans. The album is a cornerstone in Pusha T’s discography and a highlight in hip-hop history.

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