Pete Rock has shed light on his 2018 split from former groupmate CL Smooth, addressing the ups and downs of their longtime partnership without delving too deep into specifics.

Speaking on Drink Champs with Common, Pete Rock praised his former collaborator, saying, ‘He’s the best talent I ever came across in my whole life. I’ve never heard a guy rap like this, I’ve never heard a voice like this. We shared great times together. Don’t get it all fucked up now, we’ve had our good times.’

Rock continued, ‘Just like life, people have ups and downs. And sometimes, when we’re in the negative zone, we go like this [does split motion]. What we would wish for each other is growth, but when one is growing and one isn’t, then it’s still uneven.’ He emphasized the complexity of their situation, ‘It should never be like this. Ever. We should still be together but some things, you know, that I can’t tell the whole public. But certain things happen in a partnership that just can’t be… and people won’t understand. I don’t want to be the only one speaking on someone who’s not here, but I wish him the best in life.’

Expanding on his thoughts via an Instagram post, Pete Rock reiterated his stance on handling separations maturely. ‘This goes for anybody once in a group with a partner or partners. When things go left take the high road. You have people who rejoice separation! When I make my business my business people start making up their own story cuz it’s nobody’s business but mine plain & simple like it or don’t.’

He continued, ‘You have people who tell their stories no problem and be on dem podcast talkin bout personal problems, that’s not me mayne! Fuck drama. That shit happened that’s my business. Let people say and think what they want. Ignorance is bliss and real ones know this but don’t believe groups stay 4ever. That only happens when 2 men really respect one another and their boundaries and have had similar experiences happen to them and it gives each individual great understanding. That’s the important part! But I wish no ill will on CL Smooth but I kept telling y’all for years I have moved on with all due respect. I can accept it.’

Pete Rock and CL Smooth initially parted ways in 1995 after dropping two classic albums: 1992’s ‘Mecca and the Soul Brother’ and 1994’s ‘The Main Ingredient.’ The duo later reunited to work on Rock’s solo projects ‘Soul Survivor’ and ‘PeteStrumentals,’ even hinting at a third album together. By 2018, their relationship had soured again, putting an end to any plans for future collaborations.

Despite the ups and downs, Pete Rock has clearly moved on from his partnership with CL Smooth, expressing respect and a desire for mutual growth while emphasizing the personal nature of their split.

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