PARTYNEXTDOOR has always been known for his unique vocal styles, but the R&B singer recently shared some surprising methods he uses to achieve them. During a recent interview, he revealed that he treats his voice like an instrument, experimenting with different techniques to get the sound he desires.

Earlier this year, PARTYNEXTDOOR, who is signed with OVO, dropped his new album PND4. This album, part of his self-titled series that began in 2013, was his first release since 2020’s PARTYMOBILE. Fans eagerly anticipated its arrival, leading to hits like ‘Resentment’ and ‘Her Old Friends,’ which have amassed over 35 million and 25 million streams on Spotify, respectively. Three other tracks from the album have also surpassed the 15 million stream mark.

In his discussion about vocal techniques, PARTYNEXTDOOR shared that for a raspy voice effect, he takes a shot of vodka. However, for achieving his purest vocal tones, he employs a more extreme method: holding boiling hot water at the back of his throat to ‘shock’ his vocal cords.

Following the album’s release, PARTYNEXTDOOR announced his ‘Sorry I’m Outside’ tour, which kicks off later this month and runs until August. He gave fans a sneak peek of his new music with a performance at Rolling Loud Los Angeles earlier this year.

PARTYNEXTDOOR continues to captivate fans not just with his music but also with his unconventional methods. Whether it’s taking a shot of vodka or using boiling water, his commitment to his craft is evident. Fans can catch him on tour soon, bringing his unique vocal styles to the stage.

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