OJ Simpson, the NFL Hall of Famer whose life has been marked both by incredible athleticism and intense public scrutiny, succumbed to cancer on April 10th. The news was confirmed by his family in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

OJ Simpson’s cancer diagnosis was first reported in February by a local media outlet. Although the details were not fully disclosed at the time, Simpson’s response was to deny being in hospice care, without addressing the cancer directly.

In his final moments, Simpson was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. His family has requested privacy and grace during this difficult time.

Known as one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, Simpson’s career was underscored by his natural talent and on-field achievements. Despite his athletic success, he remained a polarizing figure due to the various controversies that surrounded his life.

In a more recent conversation, Simpson had shared his experiences with cancer and chemotherapy, revealing how he turned to marijuana to manage nausea and regain his appetite. Simpson mentioned that while in San Francisco during the 60s, he tried marijuana once but was initially put off. It wasn’t until his battle with cancer that he reconsidered its use, finding it beneficial for alleviating chemotherapy-induced nausea.


Simpson also reflected on changes within the NFL regarding substance use over the years. He noted the shift from alcohol to marijuana use among players during his early career.

In one of his recent social media posts, Simpson expressed surprise over Le’Veon Bell’s admission of smoking marijuana before games. Simpson found it difficult to believe that a running back could perform effectively under such conditions, although he acknowledged Bell’s unique style of play.

Simpson leaves behind a complex legacy marked by both his extraordinary sports career and the legal battles and controversies that followed. His family now seeks the public’s privacy and understanding as they mourn their loss.

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