A lot of rap fans don’t realize how intense the Memphis rap game is. So today, let’s dive into some brutal lyrics in the city that actually happened. We’re talking real-life events tied to the beef between AOB and EBG, two Memphis sets that have been at odds for years.

A rapper from one set, who signed with Gucci Mane, started gaining traction with tracks that hinted at the city’s wild beef. In his track “Don’t Play That,” he rapped, “One shot to the face and put two to his lungs / Yellow Tape wrap that boy up, yeah he done.” He filmed a video on Tate Street, deep in AOB territory, a place so chaotic that even the local pastor can’t access his church. This sparked a feud that led to an innocent woman’s death.

Around a year before, an EBG affiliate went missing after a chase with the cops. Rumors say he drowned in a river. His body was missing for months until one of his homies confirmed his death on social media in 2022. This loss hit EBG hard, and the tension escalated when the rapper dissed the deceased affiliate in his track “Pissed Off.” Adding fuel to the fire, his homie burned a shirt belonging to another dead EBG member, Jeremy Lynn, in the music video.

Jeremy Lynn was a key figure in EBG. EBG Jizzle, a prominent rapper from that side, rapped about him in “Rumors,” saying, “Pull up with my white boy, he going to shoot that [__] like Jeremy Lynn.” Lynn was shot to death, allegedly set up by a woman linked to AOB. EBG Jizzle has had a troubled past, including charges of attempted murder and robbery, but he managed to earn respect in the streets and worked with stars like Snoop Dogg.

The beef between AOB and EBG has been deadly. One incident involved a street shootout that led to the death of an innocent woman. After the rapper’s homies burned Jeremy Lynn’s shirt, shots were fired on Tate Avenue, killing a woman in her 40s.

Po Shyy and his cousin Big Dirty also beefed with EBG. After EBG suffered losses, Big Dirt dropped “Dead Guys,” taking shots at their rivals. Po Shyy also dissed EBG Jizzle, who was rumored to be paralyzed after getting shot in the leg. EBG Jizzle responded with a remix of “Back In Blood,” sending shots back at Po Shyy and even Lil Durk.

The beef didn’t stop there. Finesse2Tymes, who used to be cool with Po Shyy, got dragged into it, sparking a new layer of conflict. Big 30, another rapper, sent shots at Finesse on “Gang Survivors.” Luckily, this beef didn’t get violent as Finesse2Tymes got locked up before things escalated.

Another rapper, MainOp Cmoe, who repped Trula Mafia, dissed an affiliate named BG in the track “How We Livin'” and was later booked for multiple attempted murder charges. He allegedly shot up a house twice within a week.

Big Scar, a rising star and blood cousin to Po Shyy, was another victim of the Memphis rap scene. He got shot in 2020 but survived, only to tragically die from a drug overdose later. This loss was another blow to the Memphis rap community.

Perhaps the most famous beef involved Young Dolph and Yo Gotti, two of Memphis’s biggest rappers. Their feud led to numerous diss tracks and culminated in an attempt on Dolph’s life when over 100 shots were fired at his SUV. Dolph survived and kept the pressure on, but he tragically died later in an unrelated shooting. The beef between CMG, Gotti’s crew, and Dolph’s Paper Route Empire could have escalated further if he had lived.

Memphis’s rap scene is brutal, with real-life events bleeding into the music. The beefs between AOB and EBG, along with other rivalries, have led to numerous tragedies. The intense environment shapes the lyrics, making the music a reflection of the harsh realities in the streets.

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