Lil Durk is on a mission to put an end to violent crime in his hometown of Chicago. He recently shared his thoughts and plans on The Big Facts Podcast, emphasizing the difficulties and the collective effort needed to address the issue.

During his appearance on The Big Facts Podcast, Durk expressed the urgency of slowing down violence in Chicago. He highlighted the importance of unity, saying, “That’s the number one goal, to stop it. But the number one priority for us in the streets and politician-wise, is to stop the violence and slow it down as much as possible. It starts with everybody just coming together.” He pointed out the challenges in uniting the community, particularly when respect is lacking among younger individuals.

Durk also praised Chance The Rapper for his efforts in supporting the city, especially his focus on increasing funding for the education system. When one of the hosts mentioned Chance’s initiatives, Durk agreed, stating, “All that helps. It doesn’t matter who is saying it or who is doing it, it all helps. So, by him doing that, it helps a portion of it. Now you got to fix this portion, fix that portion of the city. And, they got different people for it.”

This isn’t the first time Durk has spoken out about violence in Chicago. Previously, he had downplayed Donald Trump’s concerns about gun violence in the city during an interview with Ari Melber on MSNBC. Durk emphasized that violence is a widespread issue, not just confined to Chicago.

Lil Durk’s commitment to reducing violent crime in Chicago is clear, and he believes it will take a collective effort from everyone in the community. While acknowledging the difficulties, he continues to advocate for unity and support for various initiatives that can make a difference.

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