Lil Baby dropped a surprise on his Instagram Stories by sharing a snippet from an unreleased track featuring Sexyy Red. The Atlanta native showcased a preview where Sexyy Red raps, “All my n-ggas a plug, I ain’t never gotta buy no weed,” before Lil Baby picks up the flow.

Sexyy Red quickly amplified the buzz by posting the same clip on X (formerly Twitter), though neither artist has revealed the release date yet. This isn’t their first rodeo together; earlier this year, the duo collaborated on “Lick Me”, which was part of the project In Sexyy We Trust.

Beyond music, Sexyy Red has been making waves in other arenas. A lifelong wrestling fan, she recently made her debut on WWE NXT and announced she’ll be hosting the upcoming Battleground event at UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Backstage, she met WWE legend Shawn Michaels, and the two even sang the chorus to his theme song, “I’m A Sexy Boy.” WWE executive Triple H couldn’t resist poking fun at the moment on social media, saying, “Let’s all be glad he didn’t start twerking.”

Sexyy Red didn’t hold back during her WWE appearance. After being introduced by Ava, the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, she twerked in the ring to the crowd’s delight. She later twerked for NXT Champion Trick Williams and Je’von Evans, escorting them to the ring for their match against Gallus, which they won with her support. She shared her excitement on social media, saying, “I had so much fun yall!!!”

As fans eagerly await the new track, both Lil Baby and Sexyy Red continue to expand their influence beyond music, leaving their marks in different arenas. Stay tuned for more updates from these dynamic artists.

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