Latto was caught having a fun and spontaneous moment backstage, twerking on GloRilla during a playful dance battle, all while Megan Thee Stallion watched on.

On Tuesday, June 4, Latto, the ‘Big Energy’ rapper, posted a video of the cheeky dance-off where the score showed her winning 4-2 against GloRilla after she twerked and danced energetically.

However, GloRilla wasn’t ready to concede defeat. She took to Twitter, stating, ‘& latto didn’t win dat dance battle let’s be fr.’ Megan Thee Stallion, who seemed to be having a great time watching the whole scene, chimed in with her opinion: ‘I think yall need a rematch.’

GloRilla was quick to mention the disadvantage she faced, tweeting, ‘Ong I had on heels too she cheated da whole time. I clearly won she did da same twerk twice & I had heels on yall kissing ass cause if I woulda start twerking I woulda got eliminated.’ Latto couldn’t resist responding, jokingly stating, ‘Aww Meg protecting ur feelings that’s a real friend.’

The dance battle video also caught fire on social media, with fans picking sides and debating who the real winner was. Various tweets featured the footage, and Latto herself questioned, ‘Who won yall??? Bffr!!!!’

This isn’t the first time the trio has been involved in a twerking showdown. Previously, they all participated in the ‘Wanna Be’ challenge. Megan set the stage with her twerk video, stating, ‘IG after dark lol and nobody better not challenge me bc this the best ass on IG or if you think so tag me in your video 😂.’

Latto followed suit with her own video the next day on Megan’s Instagram, commenting, ‘Okay we back on IG after dark lol Frennnn I forgot you can throw it like thattt ❤️❤️❤️❤️.’ GloRilla joined the fun as well, captioning her post, ‘Dis da fake one ima post da real one tomorrow 😂 @theestallion.’

Aside from their dance-offs, Megan and Latto have also been collaborating musically. They recently premiered a remix of Latto’s ‘Sunday Service’ during a show in Atlanta, with plans to release the track on June 21. Megan has also teamed up with GloRilla and Cardi B for a remix of ‘Wanna Be.’

The playful rivalry and camaraderie between Latto, GloRilla, and Megan Thee Stallion add a refreshing dose of fun to the Hip Hop scene, both through spontaneous backstage moments and their musical collaborations. Fans are eagerly awaiting more from this dynamic trio.

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