Kodak Black recently opened up about a troubling aspect of his past during a performance. He’s no stranger to substance abuse struggles, and now he’s sharing his regrets about some of his song lyrics.

In a clip making the rounds online, Kodak Black speaks directly to fans about his Percocet habit while on stage. He specifically mentions a line from his 2022 song, “Super Gremlin,” where he raps about knowing a “Perc was fake” but taking it anyway.

Kodak admitted that if he had actually been consuming fake Percocets at the same rate as real ones, he would have been “dead” by now. He emphasized to the crowd that he didn’t want them to assume it’s okay to take fake drugs, as it can be incredibly dangerous.

Fans have mixed reactions to his admission. While most agree that acknowledging the dangers of substance abuse is a step in the right direction, some feel he shouldn’t pick and choose which substances are okay to promote. However, Kodak has been open about his addiction struggles in the past and has said he’s in a much better place now.

During an Instagram Live in April, he shared how significantly his life has improved since drastically cutting back on substances. “I’m proud of myself,” Kodak told viewers. “I’ve never been this happy in my life.”

Kodak Black’s candid reflections on his past and the harmful messages in his music show a commitment to recovery and responsibility. His willingness to address these issues publicly marks a promising step forward for the rapper.

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