Kendrick Lamar’s latest adventure into the world of fashion has sparked some laughter among his friends. While known for his serious and impactful music, Lamar proved once again that he doesn’t always take himself too seriously.

Recently, Kendrick Lamar participated in a photoshoot for the renowned fashion brand Chanel. The unexpected move follows the rapper’s recent triumphs, including his rap battle win against Drake and his second solo number one hit, “Not Like Us.” The photos from the shoot were released on May 28 and were generally well-received. However, Lamar’s close friends couldn’t resist ribbing him about the serious tone of the images.

Punch, Kendrick’s former executive producer at TDE, sent him a text saying, “What you doing dawg” with a laughing emoji. Lamar, clearly finding humor in the situation, responded with crying emojis and said, “I think I’m cute on there man. Couldn’t resist.” This playful exchange didn’t stop there. Punch continued to tease Lamar about his contemplative look during the shoot, asking, “What are you doing with them dreamy eyes n**ga?” Lamar, still in good spirits, replied, “I’m crying dawg.”

Punch then asked if he could share their text conversation on social media, and given that we’ve all seen the screenshot, it’s safe to assume Lamar gave his approval. It’s clear from this interaction that, despite his intense musical persona, Kendrick Lamar enjoys a good laugh with friends.

While fans eagerly await new music, Lamar has been relatively quiet since his last release, a diss track aimed at Drake. Rumors circulated about a possible album drop in May, but the month passed without any announcement. Known for taking his time between projects, Lamar surprised the music world with his recent rapid-fire diss tracks. Fans are now hoping he keeps the momentum going and releases new material soon.

Kendrick Lamar’s Chanel photoshoot and the subsequent playful exchange with Punch highlight the rapper’s lighter side, a contrast to his often serious music. While fans await his next musical move, it’s moments like these that show even the most intense artists can have a good laugh.

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