Kanye West is hitting back against sexual harassment claims made by his former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta. In a dramatic turn of events, Kanye has announced plans to countersue Pisciotta, calling her accusations baseless and part of an extortion scheme.

Lauren Pisciotta has filed a lawsuit against Kanye West, accusing the rap icon of masturbating in front of her, sending her lewd messages, and sharing sexually explicit videos. Kanye, however, denies these allegations and insists that Pisciotta is attempting to extort him.

Ye’s legal team claims that Pisciotta pursued Kanye sexually for employment and other benefits, and when her advances were spurned, she resorted to blackmail. They also accuse her of stealing Kanye’s phone to erase evidence that could disprove her claims.

Pisciotta has additionally filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination, alleging her dismissal was unjust. However, Kanye’s representatives refute this, stating that her employment ended due to her being unqualified, making outrageous salary demands, and engaging in inappropriate behavior. They further allege that Pisciotta sent Kanye nude images of herself and requested luxury items like Birkin bags and a Lamborghini sports car, which were denied by his team.

According to Kanye’s attorneys, Pisciotta tried to extort him for tens of millions of dollars before taking her lawsuit to court. Pisciotta has not yet responded to Kanye’s countersuit announcement.

In her lawsuit, Pisciotta recounts two specific incidents where Kanye allegedly masturbated in front of her, once over the phone and another time during a flight to Paris. She describes being locked in a private room with Kanye, who then pleasured himself under the covers until he fell asleep. She also claims that Kanye sent her explicit text messages, including one where he graphically described his desires and another where he questioned if his genitalia was ‘racist.’

Pisciotta was reportedly fired by Kanye in October 2022, just a month after she turned down a $4 million-a-year role as his Chief of Staff.

With both sides trading serious accusations, this legal battle is far from over. As Kanye prepares his countersuit and Pisciotta stands by her claims, the outcome of this dispute remains to be seen.

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