• Kai Cenat discovered that Diddy follows him on Instagram.
  • The revelation happened during one of Cenat’s livestreams.
  • Fans found the situation hilarious and flooded the comment section with jokes.
  • Diddy has recently been in the news for past allegations of assault.

During a recent livestream, Kai Cenat was taken aback when he discovered that Diddy follows him on Instagram. A fan pointed out the situation, asking if Cenat had ever been to any ‘Diddy parties.’ Cenat firmly denied having any relationship with Diddy, humorously exclaiming, ‘Hell nah! I don’t follow this n***a. This n***a tryna recruit?’

The clip of Cenat reacting to the news quickly went viral, with No Jumper posting it on Instagram. Fans were quick to join in on the fun, leaving a plethora of jokes in the comment section. One fan quipped, ‘He’s gonna come to the next sleepover and cut the camera off when they go to bed.’ Another added, ‘Diddy and Kai sleepover stream would BREAK THE INTERNET.’

This amusing revelation about Diddy comes on the heels of more serious news surrounding the Bad Boy mogul. CNN recently published security footage from 2016 showing Diddy assaulting his then-partner, Cassie. In response to the video, Diddy issued an apology, stating, ‘I went and I sought out professional help. I got into going to therapy, going to rehab. I had to ask God for his mercy and grace. I’m so sorry. But I’m committed to being a better man each and every day. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’m truly sorry.’ Cassie had sued Diddy for sexual abuse back in November 2023, but both parties reached a settlement shortly afterward. Diddy continues to face various other allegations while maintaining his innocence.

Kai Cenat’s amusing discovery provided a light-hearted moment amid serious news about Diddy.

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