JAY-Z might be a Brooklyn Nets fan, but his love for basketball knows no boundaries. Recently, he was spotted touring the Los Angeles Clippers’ new arena in Inglewood, escorted by none other than team owner Steve Ballmer.

A TikTok video captured the duo donning construction gear as they walked through the nearly completed Intuit Dome. Although the clip didn’t reveal what they were discussing, the sight of these two business moguls together was intriguing.

This isn’t the first time JAY-Z has shown an interest in the Clippers. A few months back, NBA star Paul George confessed on his Podcast P With Paul George that he was too nervous to approach JAY-Z when he saw him at a Clippers game. George said, ‘I was like, ‘Damn,’ like do I want to be that person that’s like— ’cause I know how it is for me… I look at it always from, like, the perspective of where I’m at, y’know what I mean, and I put myself in other people’s shoes.’

George continued, ‘But then I think about it like, ‘Damn,’ like I hoop, like I’m not just a regular [Joe Blow] coming over to say, ‘What’s up?’ Long story short, I didn’t even go over there. I was so nervous. I was so nervous to go over there, man. I was like a little kid. That’s just me, though.’


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With the Clippers’ new arena set to open for the 2024–2025 NBA season, it’ll be interesting to see if JAY-Z makes more appearances in Inglewood. Fans can only wonder what kind of influence the rap icon might have on the Clippers’ fanbase and the overall atmosphere at the Intuit Dome.

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