Ice Spice has heard the response to her Y2K album cover and taken issue with one criticism in particular.

After a fan posted an edited version of the artwork, swapping the ‘Ice Spice’ graffiti in the image for a ‘Y2K’ tag on the wall behind her, and wrote: ‘Made it better,’ the Bronx rap star clapped back.

Digging into the fan’s page for dirt, she posted his profile picture along with the Mariah Carey photo it pays homage to and snarkily wrote: ‘u thought u made this better too delulu 😂.’

The ‘Munch’ hitmaker also defended her album title appearing on a trash can in the official cover while thanking David LaChapelle, the legendary photographer who shot the artwork.

‘David LaChapelle is #Y2K! soooo sweet + legendary he didn’t even charge me cus he fucks wit a real bitch,’ she wrote alongside a polaroid photo of them together.

‘thank U for all the incredible art you’ve put out through the years this cover means everything to me ❤️ & yes Y2K was placed on the trash can on purpose can u guess why?’

Ice Spice unveiled the cover art and release date for Y2K earlier this week, with the artwork showing her flaunting her derrière in front of a street wall with her rap name scribbled over her in graffiti.

The cover features other nods to her New York City roots, including a custom subway sign and MetroCard. However, the cover was quickly trashed by fans online, with one writing: ‘Y2K could’ve been a futuristic take. Like how did we miss it. This looks like ghetto Sesame Street.’

Another joked: ‘Maybe putting the title on the trash can wasn’t the best idea…’

Someone else picked out more nuanced flaws with the cover: ‘nah this is actually making my graphic designer brain hurt so much, the signature is placed so badly and that blend mode choice? LMAO.’

Despite the backlash to its art direction, Y2K remains one of the most anticipated rap albums of the year and is set to arrive on July 26.

Before its release, Ice Spice will embark on a world tour in support of her debut album alongside fellow New York rap rookie Cash Cobain and close collaborator/producer RiotUSA.

The 24-city trek begins on July 4 with a string of festival dates in Europe before invading North American cities such as Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Ice’s hometown of NYC.

Y2K will be one of the most talked-about albums this summer, with fans eagerly awaiting its release on July 26.

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