The buzz around Hit-Boy’s latest venture just got louder. Just last month, Hit-Boy teamed up with his dad Big Hit and roped in the renowned producer, The Alchemist, for a fresh collaborative album, ‘Blacks & Whites.’

This dynamic trio, along with some notable guest features from Boldy James, Killa Twan, LongBodyy, Figg Rarri, and C3, has been keeping things exciting. One standout on the album, though, is the familial collaboration with Hit-Boy’s sister, HitgirlLena, which has drawn praises from heavyweights like Big Sean and A$AP Rocky.

Recently, they dropped another music video for their track ‘Temperature Check.’ Sticking to the album’s stark black and white theme, the visuals pack a punch despite being under two minutes long. They managed to pull in more than 5 million views within a few hours of its release—a testament to the track’s and video’s impact.

Notably, ‘Temperature Check’ isn’t the only song from ‘Blacks & Whites’ to get its own video treatment. The tracks ‘Drug Czar’ and ‘Gank Move’ (which also features HitgirlLena) have their own visuals out there too, adding to the album’s growing repertoire of engaging content.

The collaboration between Hit-Boy and Big Hit isn’t new; fans will remember their previous project ‘Surf Or Drown Vol. 2.’ But throwing The Alchemist into the mix this time has created something fresh and electric. Their latest visual entries continue to build on the momentum, keeping the audience hooked and eager for more.

For anyone keeping tabs, Hit-Boy, Big Hit, and The Alchemist are not just producing music—they’re creating a wholesome family affair packed with talent and creativity. ‘Temperature Check’ is just the latest proof of their dynamic synergy.

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