G-Eazy hasn’t taken too kindly to fans online suggesting he’s lost his touch. When his 2021 album ‘These Things Happen Too’ didn’t hit the commercial heights of his previous works, some were quick to say the rapper had ‘fallen off.’

On a recent episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast, G-Eazy opened up about his rise and the challenges he’s faced. He pointed out how successful his earlier albums were: ‘These Things Happen’ (2014), ‘When It’s Dark Out’ (2015), and ‘The Beautiful & The Damned’ (2017) all went platinum. ‘We had a great run, three albums in a row went platinum. Then my mom died. And COVID, my mom passing, I just finally was like, ‘I need to reset,’’ he shared.

Coming back with ‘These Things Happen Too’ in 2021, G-Eazy admitted he was aware it might not hit the same high notes. ‘I needed to finally give myself a break and take some pressure off of the cycle of releasing music. And that comes at a risk,’ he explained. But fans’ harsh comments hit him hard. ‘Then I’m reading the comments… ‘Damn, he fell off.’ I should not have done this, don’t ever Google yourself. One of the top suggested was “Is G-Eazy still making music?” I was just like, “F*ck y’all! F*ck y’all!”’

Despite not releasing a new album in three years, G-Eazy has been busy. He’s already dropped two singles in 2024: ‘Femme Fatale’ featuring Coi Leray and Kaliii, and ‘Lady Killers III.’ He also teased that these tracks will be part of his upcoming album ‘Freak Show.’

G-Eazy isn’t backing down despite the criticism. With new music on the horizon, he’s ready to prove the naysayers wrong.

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