Freeway has been honored with his own day in his beloved home city of Philadelphia, PA, and it’s a moment he’s been deeply moved by.

The City Council declared June 1 as ‘Philadelphia Freeway Day’ to recognize the rapper’s commitment to mental health initiatives and his non-profit, Freedom Thinkers Academy. City Councilman Isaiah Thomas praised Freeway for his openness about the social and emotional challenges that often lead to trauma but go untreated.

‘One of the things Freeway does is he makes himself, as a Black man, extremely vulnerable, as it relates to the social and emotional things we go through that often puts us in a position where we experience some type of trauma but don’t want to get help,’ Thomas said. ‘His song [“I Cry”] is a testament to maybe the foresight he had, as it relates to where his journey would go, and the impact he would have on vulnerable communities, to put people in the position to be able to be comfortable being themselves.’

On Instagram, Freeway expressed his gratitude to City Council officials, saying, ‘I’m certain that if my children and my father were here today, they would be filled with immense joy. This day has been a remarkable highlight in my journey, a privilege that is rare to hold: the city of Philadelphia has graced me with an exceptional honor, thanks to Councilman Kenyatta Johnson @phlcouncilpresident of the second district.’ Freeway went on to say, ‘Henceforth, June 1st will be celebrated as Philadelphia Freeway Day, a testament to the city’s spirit of brotherhood. My deepest appreciation goes out to all for their steadfast love and support towards the Freedom Thinkers Academy.’

Last month, Freeway announced the Ahebbak Harmony Girls Scholarship for kids in Philadelphia, in honor of his daughter Harmony, who passed away from cancer in October 2021. ‘In cherished memory of my beautiful daughter Harmony, who courageously battled cancer and left us in 2021, the @360traininganddevelopment and @freedomthinkersacademy bestowed the Ahebbak Harmony Girls Scholarship upon 18 Female Muslim students,’ he shared. ‘It’s a divine blessing to give back, and may these young ladies, with God’s grace, soar toward their dreams.’

Freeway added, ‘We eagerly anticipate supporting you as you embark on your journey toward entrepreneurship, workforce certifications, or undergraduate degrees. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Butler and @girlshighmsa for allowing #360stem and @freedomthinkersacademy to empower your students for life beyond high school.’

Tragically, Harmony’s passing occurred nearly a year after Freeway lost his son Jihad in October 2020.

It’s clear that Freeway’s contributions to his community and his transparency concerning personal struggles have left a significant impact, earning him this exceptional and well-deserved honor.

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