• Foolio’s mother, Sandrikas, is working on a documentary about his life.
  • Foolio was tragically shot and killed on his birthday in Tampa, Florida.
  • Sandrikas aims to tell the ‘real’ story of her son’s life and struggles.
  • She expressed gratitude to those who believed in Foolio, especially Young Thug and Zaytoven.

Foolio’s mother, Sandrikas, has announced plans for a documentary about her late son, aiming to tell the ‘real’ story of his life. In an emotional Instagram post, she mentioned that the documentary is ‘coming soon’, reflecting on Foolio’s journey and sharing her unique perspective on his life and career.

Foolio was celebrating his birthday in Tampa, Florida, when he was tragically shot and killed outside a Holiday Inn. Sandrikas is determined to share her son’s story as only she can, emphasizing that she knows the truths from the fakes, especially since she has been aware of what has been happening since 2014-2015.

In her candid message, Sandrikas addressed other women who knew her and her son, pointing out the irony of those who celebrated his death yet once looked up to her. She mentioned the struggles she faced, including urging Foolio to step away from dangerous conflicts and even surviving being shot eight times, an experience that changed her life forever.

While reflecting on Foolio’s career, Sandrikas extended her gratitude to those who supported him from the beginning, specifically highlighting Zaytoven and Young Thug. She thanked them for believing in Foolio when he was just 17 years old and had moved to Atlanta, acknowledging their significant impact on his career.

Although there have been no arrests in connection with Foolio’s death yet, the police are actively investigating the case.

Stay tuned for more updates as this heartfelt documentary project progresses.

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