Finesse2Tymes is celebrating becoming a father again as he’s welcomed a baby girl with his girlfriend FNG Shugga. The Memphis rapper announced the news on Instagram on Monday, sharing photos of the home birth during which he was very hands-on for the arrival of his daughter.

Finesse2Tymes captioned his Instagram post: ‘I don’t think I’ll ever view women the way I used to after today. I helped this woman @1fngshugga bring my beautiful baby girl ‘Clever’ into this world. This is my first time ever seeing one of my kids born.’

He added, ‘I wasn’t scared or disgusted. I was amused. It literally felt like I was reborn again when she came out. She floated to the top of that water. I layed eyes on my baby, I don’t know how to explain it, but I think it was the best thing I will ever have seen in my life.’

Shugga also praised Finesse for his role in the birth, commenting: ‘You really did an amazing job coaching me through this whole at home experience! You’re the best all the way around the board.’

The announcement of their new baby comes just a few months after Finesse2Tymes shared a risqué video of him and Shugga in the bedroom. In the clip, he takes a honey pack and shows off all the items they planned to use, including KY jelly, a butt plug, and a double-headed dildo. Eventually, they also showed off Shugga’s derrière and a clearly turned-on Finesse in his boxers.

The ‘Backend’ rapper had announced Shugga’s pregnancy back in September, just weeks after revealing that his other girlfriend, Nia Love, was also expecting. On social media, he wrote, ‘Mama I need yo help!’ with shocked emojis and a screenshot of a text from Shugga showing the positive pregnancy tests. Shugga posted, ‘Uncle Elroy and Shugga have a creation on the way. Well no headstand for me. But the party still going on.’

Finesse made headlines when he celebrated the dual pregnancies by dancing to Soul for Real’s R&B hit ‘Candy Rain’. He posted a video on Instagram with the caption: ‘When you get both of your girls [pregnant lady emoji] at the same time.’

The couple’s joyous announcement has certainly captivated their fans and added an exciting new chapter to Finesse2Tymes’s life. Congrats to the new parents on their beautiful baby girl, Clever.

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