In yet another blow to Sean “Diddy” Combs, new allegations have surfaced involving a male sex worker. According to a CNN report, federal authorities have obtained surveillance footage that reportedly shows the male sex worker inside Diddy’s home, claiming he was “victimized” by the music mogul.

This news adds to a growing list of legal troubles for Diddy. In recent weeks, footage allegedly showing him assaulting Cassie was released. Cassie had accused Diddy of assault in a lawsuit filed last year, sparking a series of lawsuits against him. The latest legal actions involve serious allegations of sexual misconduct and sex trafficking.

Back in March, federal authorities raided two of Diddy’s properties in Miami and Los Angeles as part of an investigation into these allegations. The CNN report states that the federal government is now in possession of surveillance footage which could be crucial in any potential indictment. The male sex worker could also serve as a witness in the case against Diddy.

The cascade of allegations continues to grow. Earlier this week, Rolling Stone published a report accusing Diddy of assaulting his girlfriend while they were in college at Howard University. While Diddy’s team has called these claims unreliable, the legal ramifications could be looming large, especially with a Grand Jury having convened in New York earlier this week. TMZ notes that the Grand Jury may soon call for witness testimonies as they deliberate on the federal investigation’s next steps.

In a case that has already seen multiple high-profile twists and turns, the involvement of a Grand Jury heightens the stakes for Diddy. As the federal investigation progresses, the rapper and business mogul faces potential legal consequences that could significantly impact his career and reputation.

As these unsettling allegations continue to unfold, the future remains uncertain for Sean “Diddy” Combs. With various legal actions and investigations piling up, the coming weeks could be critical for the rap mogul.

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