Travis Scott and Don Toliver fans are abuzz with excitement following the release of their latest collaboration, ‘Inside,’ on Toliver’s new album, Hardstone Psycho. This energetic track has left listeners calling for a full joint album from the two artists.

The song ‘Inside’ is part of Don Toliver’s Hardstone Psycho album, which dropped on June 14. The album features collaborations with other big names like Future, Kodak Black, rising star Cash Cobain, legendary singer Charlie Wilson, and Teezo Touchdown. However, the standout track is undoubtedly the one featuring Travis Scott.

A popular social media user, @@big_business_, immediately took to Twitter, saying, ‘Enough is enough, make the collab album @trvisXX @DonToliver.’ In response to another tweet suggesting, ‘That album would move mountains,’ @@big_business_ added, ‘Yeah bro their chemistry is crazy.’ Other fans echoed these sentiments, expressing their desire for a full joint album with comments like, ‘This is needed,’ ‘I’ll do anything for this collab album to happen,’ and ‘It’s a must atp.’

Don Toliver’s album is not just a collection of songs but an experience that extends into the gaming world. The 14-track album carries a biker theme, which is also featured in a new Fortnite game mode. Toliver partnered with Epic Games to launch a special event called Hardstone, described as an ‘8v8 turf war between two rival biker gangs (Hardstone & Wolves M.C.)’ with the add-on featuring music from Hardstone Psycho, a fully customizable map, and new, immersive gameplay.

Just before the album’s release, Toliver dropped the third single, ‘Attitude,’ featuring Cash Cobain and Charlie Wilson. The track boasts a distinctive beat from Cobain and uses a prominent vocal sample from the 2002 hit ‘Beautiful’ by Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, and Wilson. The music video for ‘Attitude’ continues the biker theme seen in previous releases like ‘Deep in the Water’ and ‘Bandit.’ Fans also caught a quick cameo from Travis Scott in the visually striking video.

Outside of music, Don Toliver recently became a father. He and his girlfriend, Kali Uchis, welcomed a baby boy earlier this year. The couple announced the birth through a heartfelt joint Instagram post featuring clips with their newborn son. ‘You are everything we could have hoped for & more,’ Uchis wrote, expressing their joy and gratitude for their new addition.

Travis Scott and Don Toliver’s latest collaboration has undeniably struck a chord with fans, leaving them eagerly awaiting what might come next from this dynamic duo. While nothing has been confirmed, the demand for a joint album is louder than ever.

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