Enchanting, the young rapper who signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 record label, has been inundated with supportive messages following her recent hospitalization.

Confirmed by her sister via Facebook on Monday, Enchanting is currently in the hospital on life support. She clarified, ‘She’s still fighting, she’s not dead… I’m here at the hospital. My sister is not dead,’ dispelling any rumors that may have suggested otherwise. The exact reason behind her hospitalization remains unknown.

One of Enchanting’s close friends, JhonnieDamnD, took to social media on Monday night, urging fans to keep Enchanting in their prayers. The outpouring of support was immediate, with fans flooding the comments section with heartfelt messages. ‘God, I asked that you restore life in this young lady’s body and bring her back to her family and friends. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen,’ one user commented. Another wrote, ‘Let it out baby. It’s okay to cry, especially dealing with something like this. The Bible says where two or more are gathered. Let’s get some prayers through!’

Enchanting’s musical journey began in 2020 when she signed to Gucci Mane’s label at just 22. Her debut project with the label, ‘No Luv,’ was released in 2022. Earlier this year, she featured on Campaign Reezo’s single, ‘Because of You.’ In a 2023 interview with the Dallas Observer, she spoke about her natural inclination towards music, stating, ‘I feel like music was always something that was easy for me. I felt like I was musically inclined, always. It was something that I thought should probably put more time and effort into, because it was natural, you know, instead of trying to force a talent.’

As Enchanting continues to fight for her life, her fans and loved ones remain hopeful and prayerful for her recovery. The community’s overwhelming support is a testament to the impact she has made in her short yet vibrant career.

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