Eminem’s latest collaboration is making waves! This time, he’s teaming up with White Castle for a limited-edition merch drop.

  • The collaboration supports his upcoming album, ‘The Death of Slim Shady.’
  • Products feature ‘White Rapper’ branding inside the iconic White Castle logo.
  • Merch includes a trucker hat and a white tee, among other items.
  • Eminem’s new album cover art has also been revealed, stirring more excitement.

Eminem’s new collaboration is creating a buzz! The rapper has teamed up with White Castle, embracing the ‘White Rapper’ label for a unique, limited-edition merch line. Fans can look forward to stylish items like a trucker hat and a white tee featuring the words ‘White Rapper’ inside the well-known White Castle logo. Beneath it, the phrase ‘Established in 1972… Buy ’em by the sack’ adds a cheeky touch.

This merch drop aligns with the roll-out for Eminem’s upcoming album, ‘The Death of Slim Shady (Coupe De Grâce),’ which is set to be released this weekend. Excitement ramped up even further when Eminem shared the album’s cover art. The image shows the rapper, with his iconic bleach-blonde hair, displaying a startled expression as he appears nearly zipped up inside a body bag. This visual hints at the controversial end of his Slim Shady persona.

Earlier this year, the album’s promotion began with an obituary for Slim Shady published in the Detroit Free Press. The piece reminisced about Slim Shady’s career, starting in the 1990s with the single ‘My Name Is,’ which established Eminem’s presence in the hip-hop world. The obituary concluded that Slim Shady’s complex and turbulent existence had reached its end, leaving an impactful legacy.

In the lead-up to the album release, Eminem dropped two singles: ‘Tobey,’ featuring Big Sean and BabyTron, and ‘Houdini.’ These tracks have been building anticipation among fans, eager to see what the iconic rapper has in store next. The combination of his merch collaboration and album hype is keeping the rapper in the spotlight.

Eminem’s collaboration with White Castle and the impending release of ‘The Death of Slim Shady’ mark an exciting chapter in the rapper’s career.

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