Eminem has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and his latest project is no exception. At 51 years old, the rapper is still going strong, doing his own stunts for his new music video ‘Houdini.’

In a recent video shared on Instagram, Eminem gave fans a glimpse behind the scenes of the ‘Houdini’ music video shoot. ‘🎥 I do my own stunts. #Houdini video shoot behind the scenes- don’t try this at home!!!’ reads his caption. The clips show him jumping off a bed onto crash pads and taking face-first falls to the ground.

This effort has certainly not gone unnoticed by his fans. Comments poured in praising his dedication and comparing him to other stunt-performing celebrities. One fan quipped, ‘Eminem > Tom Cruise,’ while another expressed a desire for more behind-the-scenes content.

The ‘Houdini’ single, which debuted last week, has already climbed to number 2 on the Hot 100, only beaten by Post Malone and Morgan Wallen’s collaboration. The popularity of both the song and its video is a testament to Eminem’s enduring appeal.

Earlier this year, Eminem made headlines by appearing at the NFL Draft in his hometown of Detroit. He joined forces with Detroit Lions football legends and fellow Detroit rapper Big Sean to celebrate the city’s rich football heritage. During that weekend, he announced his upcoming album ‘The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace),’ which is eagerly anticipated even though it doesn’t have a release date yet.

Eminem’s commitment to his craft continues to impress and inspire, as he pushes boundaries and takes risks, even at this stage in his career. His fans are here for it, eagerly awaiting more from the rap legend.

Eminem’s dedication to his art, even performing his own stunts at 51, underlines why he remains a powerful force in music. With his new single ‘Houdini’ already making waves and a new album on the way, it’s clear that Slim Shady isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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