Rumors have been swirling for a while now that Remy Ma might be having an affair with Eazy The Block Captain. When Remy celebrated her 44th birthday recently, Eazy didn’t hold back on his Instagram Story, fueling the speculation even more.

In his post, Eazy shared a photo of Remy dressed in a bright orange outfit and captioned it, ‘Happy birthday to my favorite person [heart eyes emoji].’ The post quickly caught the eye of many, further igniting the rumors that Remy could be stepping out on her husband, Papoose.

Social media was quick to react. Some users in The Neighborhood Talk’s comments section expressed their disappointment, with one asking, ‘What Pap do to deserve this?’ and another labeling it as ‘Nasty work.’ Speculations are now rampant, with fans demanding to know the full story. Some even theorize that Papoose and Remy might have broken up quietly or that Papoose might have disrespected her first.

Back in April, Papoose added more fuel to the fire by posting a clip of himself driving a Rolls-Royce with a mystery woman, who many believed wasn’t Remy. While this remains unconfirmed, it certainly didn’t help quash any rumors about their relationship status.

With Eazy The Block Captain’s recent Instagram post, the buzz around Remy Ma’s love life is louder than ever. Whether they’re just close friends or something more, social media is set on finding out. Stay tuned for how this story unfolds.

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